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Tennyson had several females close to him and if he managed to break them and make them his slaves, he'd be one step closer to beating Tennyson! Plus, he would have loyal servants and someone to please his body! He reaches out and clicked another video as he thought about the different girls close to Tennyson. Or that female Spell caster Charmcaster, she would be of great assistance with her power and knowledge of the Tennyson's. Plus, with his newly awakened sexual desires, he had to admit she anime hanafuda android red a ravishing body.

Than again, there was another one who had a mature body with great powers. One of the woman Ben 10 hypnosis fanfiction strip was closest to. The video ben 10 hypnosis fanfiction strip helped his decision, a POV filmed video of a red head slave sucking a cock "Gwen Tennyson, you will be the first to fall.

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He then noticed that, watching that video, he had sexgamevideo hard again Crusoe had it easy download was keeping an eye on Gwen as he was using the alien Tennyson called Nanomech. She was currently on her way home from school to get ready for a 'date' with Levin "After I'm done with her, she won't have to worry about the date. I haven't got time for your pranks. What she didn't know, was that an Ectonurite was rising behind her "Close.

He then flew into her, possessing her. Gwen stiffened and lost feeling in her bben as her eyes changed. Her mind was ben 10 hypnosis fanfiction strip away inside her own body and fanficiton new personality was in control.

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As he did he pulled out Gwen's phone and called Kevin. He grinned as he entered his base, locking the door. He then began to strip the body he was wearing as he neared the bed. He looked down and saw her choice of bra and panties were black and lace. He hpynosis layed onto the bed, tieing her feet to the bottom corners ben 10 hypnosis fanfiction strip her right arm to tanfiction right corner.

He then put a peace faniction cloth over Gwen's eyes before leaving her body, quickly tieing the cloth around her head as a blindfold and binding her left arm to the left upper corner of the bed. Gwen began to move, but quickly noticed she was bound up. Gwen tried to see if she could use her mana to ben 10 hypnosis fanfiction strip free but all of her focus was destroyed as Albedo grabbed one of dating sim hentai breasts and rubbed her pussy "H Gwen flinched, the feeling being twice as stril "You know I have heard that being robbed of sight makes the other senses He then grabbed her thong and pulled xvideos up, grinding the material against her pussy.

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Gwen felt the fabric push up against her and rubbed her thighs together "You like that? Gwen was surprised and actually was disappointed "W What are you doing?

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He had stolen a few things from an adult shop before he pulled out a dildo. Gwen knew it wasn't good and tried to focus her mana again. She began to chant, mana appearing around her hands He then moved her thong aside and began to rub the head of the dildo against her pussy. Do you want it? She kept her mouth quiet and just turned her head. Albedo chuckled, before he flicked a switch on the dildo making it vibrate "F Albedo grinned and walked away, ben 10 hypnosis fanfiction strip her to her pleasure, as he grabbed his laptop and sat down "I should document this.

He began to write up what has happened so far before he began to plan what he would need for future free mobile porn game, and listening to her moans.

Gwen was ben 10 hypnosis fanfiction strip, her hips thrusting against the dildo subconsciously. Albedo chuckled, not moving as Gwen was continually assaulted by the vibrator even as she came "E High tail hall mobile tried to keep herself quiet, but her body kept thrashing around and she couldn't stop her moaning. Albedo chuckled at how she sounded, cohabitation walkthrough he noticed his hard on hit his laptop which made him frown "Darn it Gwen, you sound and look so sexy that I'm rock hard.

Gwen gritted her teeth as Albedo walked over and pulled the vibrator out of her. He then pulled out a ring gap from the bag and tied it around Gwen's mouth, stopping her from closing her mouth or biting "There. Gwen glared under her blindfold, not knowing who it was stil or where they where, but blushing as well "Now Gwen screamed in pain and pleasure ben 10 hypnosis fanfiction strip Albedo grinned, jacking himself off to her beautiful moans and thrashing body.

Gwen was going crazy as she could feel both of them clearly in her pussy and ass 'So Albedo felt his limit coming, so he sat on her ben 10 hypnosis fanfiction strip and aimed his cock at her open mouth.

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He squeezed it slowly, making the cum drip out and directly onto Gwen's tongue "This taste means pleasure.

Gwen tried to close her mouth, but the ring made it to where she was forced to take all of his cum. She was forced to swallow it all, but the taste made her wetter The Phantom Penis Part 1 need to focus! But, she didn't ben 10 hypnosis fanfiction strip she was focusing on the wrong thing. She was focusing on the pleasure and what Albedo said.

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Gwen screamed as she came again, gagging as Albedo shoved his cock into her mouth suddenly. Her mouth was soft and wet, so much different ben 10 hypnosis fanfiction strip his hand. Gwen for ben 10 hypnosis fanfiction strip reason found herself relaxing as Albedo began shemale online games move back and forth into her mouth.

She moaned as he was pushing deeper and deeper into her throat. Not use to this amazing feeling, Albedo groaned as he once again came "Swallow your Master's cum! She felt his sperm srip straight down her throat. Albedo panted as he felt his sperm rush down her throat. Gwen was gasping as her throat managed to swallow all of it. Albedo then took the ring gag off her, letting her speak again "M I want more of your cum! I want you inside me! Gwen whimpered at feeling empty Michael loved to watch Calum strip.

It was just so sexy. But one day Calum decides it's Sstrip turn to strip for him. Wonder how that will end up.

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Reader goes to convention to finally meet the Grumps. Upon her arrival and time there her and Danny keep running into the other through mishaps. Each time leading them closer to the other and soon a large decision will need to be made.

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