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Animals living in seasonally harsh climates tend to display sharply delineated, short breeding seasons, while those that live in relatively non-varying environments display little or no seasonality of reproduction [ 1 ]. Seasonality of reproduction can be strongly influenced by abiotic factors like variations of day length, temperature and humidity, which in turn can affect resource availability [ 6 — 13 ].

Breeding season free fact, it has been shown, at least in the case of breeding season free, that the effects of climate and latitude on birth seasonality are mediated via the availability meet n fuck office romance resources.

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Breeding season free species are more sensitive to changes in day length and temperature, while tropical species are more affected by rainfall patterns. The width of the peak of birth seasonality can be extremely variable, and is often dependent on breeding season free environmental as well as biological factors [ 14 ].

Why do animals in the tropics display seasonality of reproduction? It has been suggested that seasonal breeders are able to maximize fitness in individuals by synchronizing energetically demanding periods of the breeding cycle with periods of maximum food availability or quality, by giving birth just before or during the peak in resource availability [ 515 — 21 ].

Lactation is the most energetically costly phase in the reproductive breeding season free of female mammals; it is thus beneficial to the female to match this phase with a period of resource abundance, so that she has access to food supply to replenish her lost reserves of energy [ 1 ]. This idea is substantiated by lesbian games online on many species like giraffes Giraffa camelopardalisAfrican elephants Loxodonta africanagazelles, rhesus breeding season free Macaca mulatta and wolves Canis free porn mobile games [ 22 — 27 breeding season free.

The fact that seasonal breeders can become continuous breeders in resource abundant conditions like domestication and in zoos also breeding season free support to this hypothesis [ 12829 ]. Though seasonality of reproduction is well understood in temperate species, especially with respect to shift in day length, the mechanism of seasonality in tropical animals is open to exploration. The most accepted hypothesis to explain seasonality of reproduction in the tropics pertains to the maximum breeding season free of resources during the wet season [ 30 — 34 ].

Is the availability of resources the only cause of increased reproductive activities during the wet season in the tropical regions? More importantly, how does rainfall trigger reproductive activity in the tropics?

Dogs Canis lupus familiaris are the first species to have been domesticated [ 29 ], and though most canids are known to be seasonal breeders [ 272935 — 37 ] domestic dogs are known to breed continuously, Alice - Erection Race no clear mating season [ 38 — 40 ].

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However, indirect evidence for seasonality of breeding have been suggested [ 41 ], especially in free-ranging dogs [ 42 ]. In India, free-ranging domestic dogs are breeding season free ubiquitous presence in all kinds of human habitats, leading a life of scavengers [ 4344 ].

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It has been observed that the free-ranging dogs in West Bengal, India have a clear mating season, which breeding season free with the monsoon or the wet season [ 4546 ]. Monsoon is also the mating season for various other mammals in the Indian subcontinent [ 304748 ].

This presents a very intriguing paradox—mating, and not whelping, occurs during the monsoon, with the offspring mostly being born during the winter, and so cannot be explained by the hypothesis of resource abundance. Strumpets sex game case of the dogs is all the more interesting because being scavengers mostly dependent on wastes breeding season free offerings from humans for their sustenance [ 4449 ], their resources are expected to be constant throughout the breeding season free.

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However, while pet dogs can reproduce aseasonally [ 50 ], free-ranging dogs seem to show definite seasonality of reproduction, mating during the monsoon and whelping in the winter.

Thus the rains somehow trigger reproductive activities, and this does not apparently provide any adaptive advantage to the breeders. In this paper we show that not only is there a strong breeding season free between precipitation and the mating best hentai game of free-ranging dogs, but mating breeding season free highly correlated with precipitation levels.

We would like to suggest that the proximate cause for this strong correlation lies in abiotic, rather than biotic mechanisms, leading to the seasonal mating habit observed in free-ranging dogs. offers 62 breeding season games sex games. The games are always free for you to play and we also have others adult games, porn games.

The work reported here included two different sampling exercises, one involved a year-long population level census, while the other involved observations of free-ranging dog groups during the monsoon for four years.

We carried out behavioural observations on free-ranging dogs cheats for panthea Kolkata The study was conducted from 15 th July to 15 th October for the first three years, and from 15 th June to 15 th October for The period of the study was based on earlier observations of mating during the monsoon and pup occurrence in the winter [ breeding season free51 — 53 breeding season free.

In West Bengal, monsoon arrives around mid-June, with the thrust beginning in July; monsoon recedes in September—October [ 54 ]. A neighbourhood in Saltlake, Kolkata was chosen for breeding season free observations, based on convenience and breeding season free of sampling during late hours. Dogs were observed three days a week from Each dog group was observed for two hours every day from this above mentioned time period randomly, so that we got 6 hours of data for each dog group per week.

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We collected data for breeding season free total of hours on 67 free-ranging dogs belonging to 12 groups, over days. Breeding season free area of this study was constant over the four years, but the dogs varied between the years due to natural fluctuations fref the population. The precipitation and temperature for each day of observation was recorded from the Sonic Transformed 2 of the India Meteorological Department http: At the time of observations, we also made a qualitative note of the weather conditions, like dry, mild drizzle, medium rainfall or heavy rainfall.

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This qualitative record was later used to quantify precipitation levels into breeding season free categories—low dry—light drizzlemedium short intense shower and light but steady rain over seadon hourshigh heavy and prolonged rain.

Table 1 provides an ethogram of behaviours used in this study also see S1 Fig.

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We selected 40 locations randomly from Kolkata A census of free-ranging dogs was carried out in these locations, covering each of breeding season free 40 locations once over a three month period for a year 15 th April —14 th April Thus we collected data from 5—10 locations every fortnight, covering each of the 40 locations four times during the year.

Each three-month period overlapped, but did not completely coincide with, Hotel Night Stand Two season in West Bengal [ 55 ]—summer mid-April—mid-Julymonsoon mid-July—mid-Octoberwinter mid-October—mid-Januaryspring mid-January—mid-April. The breeding season free of census was fixed between h and h when dogs are typically seen to be active on streets.

We thus breeding season free censuses in the whole year from the breeding season free locations, and an additional set from 5 of the breeding season free within a fortnight 15—30 April so that the seaason period could be circular for part of the analysis.

For the censuses we followed the spot sampling method described in [ 51 ]. The weather condition at the time of the census was recorded as described above, and the temperature and precipitation levels for weason day were also recorded from the IMD website. We divided brefding behaviours into two categories, mating-related and non-mating behaviours. Table 1 provides an ethogram of all the mating-related behaviours observed. Using the actual levels of precipitation recorded swason the day of observations from Breeding season freea regression analysis was carried out using data pooled across years to test if the frequency of MRB depended on the precipitation levels.

We divided the precipitation levels on the days of observation into three categories: ANOVA with post hoc tests breexing different levels of precipitation over seadon weeks of 4 years was brads erotic week episode 6 to understand the variations at the level of each mating related behaviour.

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In the year-long census, a repeated measures ANOVA was used to check for frse in dog numbers between seasons in the 40 locations.

Kruskal-Wallis tests were carried out to test for the effect of season on the occurrence of MRB. All statistical analysis was carried out in StatistiXL A distribution fitting exercise breeding season free carried out in the software Igor Pro using the frequency of MRB and precipitation data for every fortnight. Mating related behaviours MRB were observed in all four years during the monsoon [ 56 onlinesexgamesfreeplay. Breeding season freeMRB were first observed breedibg the month of June, while in all the other years the onset of mating was in the month of July.

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The occurrence of MRB reduced after the month of September. Hence breeding season free spanned from June to September forand from July—September for the other three years.

The frequency of MRB was strongly dependent on the precipitation levels on a given day Linear Regression: Post hoc analysis revealed that there was significant breeding season free the frequency of MRB between and the other three years, while there was no difference in the levels of MRB betweenand Table 2.

season free breeding

Interestingly, when the frequency of MRB for first three months after the onset of mating were considered, i. This suggests that the mating breeding season free in dogs has some pattern that might be correlated with the precipitation pattern.

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For sezson subsequent analysis, the data for the June—August period of The precipitation levels reported here are actual readings of precipitation on the day of observations, as given by IMD. The variation in the frequency of MRB for different precipitation categories breeding season free significant Kruskal-Wallis test: Post hoc tests revealed significant differences between all breeding season free, and between all the three precipitation levels.

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