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Is this…the right thing to do after just saving Mitsu-san? Just then, she feels an arm wrap around her and being crimson comics flash games pulled closer until their shoulders fladh touch.

She blushes furiously from that.

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The brunette blushes harder than before. MItsu pulls away and just smiles. I'm very glad you're part of our team.

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Nozomi nods and stares at the dark haired girl and blushes again. Why is it that my heart is racing when I look at this girl? Am I…really in love with Mitsu!? The brunette looks at the dark-haired girl.

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Is she really going to be crimson comics flash games with what I tell her? She swallows hard and gathers her courage to return the kiss to Mitsu.

Right on the lips. Mitsu's heart races from this sudden action and Nozomi comucs pulls away with her face red as a tomato. Crimson Comics is good with hentai.

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But sometimes, for me, it gets up to the point where I tend to feel bad for the poor hentaimsture. Nozomi got the same thing after not attempting to save Gamss and also got molested as a result.

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Now, I could say that she deserves it from her behavior, but still. I feel bad for her. So, I hope you all like this story.

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This is my first crimson comics flash games in this Misc. Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community. Nozomi the Hero Pairing: Mitsu x Nozomi Genre: I do not own Crimson Girls or any of its characters. V Nozomi Sakura couldn't believe what she is seeing.

The brunette quickly turns towards her. Nozomi turns toward the dark haired woman, who smiles at her.

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She's a real hero. D-d-d-did she just…k-k-k-kiss me!? You can tell me.