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Oct 17, - This is second part of Highschool Possession gameplay. If you missed previous video be sure to check it out to know the story.

If you want money, make something that's good enough that a handful of moralfags and retards will spend money on.

damn this game was great! the bad endings kinda sucked, but guess thats what happens to a rapist! love ending was awesome! sex scenes were nicely.

Emding you want a lot of money, make something amazing or invest more points in luck. Adding additional crusoe had it easy true ending to combat people uploading your shit for free will backfire. If your next game is actually good, your attitude and whatever extra crap people have to go through to play it will only make the piratical more enticing. Be smart, and remember this: People have to be able to use your product, and that is the hinge which will always be exploited.

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Focus on quality and image of the product and the producersnot on the packaging. I really enjoyed this content, and I hope you guys get more backers. I'll certainly be backing the project starting next paycheck. Keep up the good work, and don't let dnding pirates get you down. Next time, try to be more original than quoting decade-old memes.

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Taunting the devs is counterproductive. We have a parasitic relationship with them. For these guys, anyways.

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Breeding Season could stop and nobody would even notice for at least a year. Not how I'd approach the situation, but functional if you don't care about pissing the other person off.

Crusoe Had It Easy

No suggestions for improvement, but consider taking tone into consideration in the future. Continue commenting on things, because the internet needs more non-dickbags.

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Skip directly to "Go" and gain 10 commenter EXP. Level up if appropriate.

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The sad reality of creating anything is that no matter how tightly you lock something up, whether it be cool little secrets sexy chat games your cheats, or entire games in countless ceusoe cases, eventually it will be available to anyone willing to google. This goes quintuple for when you try to make people pay for things.

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And if you tell people that because they broke your lock, you're going to lock more things crusoe had it easy true ending the proven-fragile door in the future?

That's just extra motivation to break the door. Play your cards right, be polite and understanding, you might manage to get the people who actually sit down and try to crack these things to delay posting xxxdownloadgame and cheats to your games.

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It might not be the perfect solution, but unless crusoe had it easy true ending have a team of master coders better than any professional game studio has ever dreamed of, the pirates are gonna win an arms race. No threats, no trolling, no pride in my words. It's all happened before, and if you look closely you can learn from it. I don't think any of the hentai free game choices matter.

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Now go have fun. Just wondering I 3d porni best know elf cheat. I found some of the crusoe had it easy true ending one's and will share them with you all I want to see what alternative stories those cheats give.

Kiro of Akiba I like the Regret ending also. There's so much drama There are times we must remember why we were born to this world But through pain we grow stronger despite losing our treasures.

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We will always become stronger as humans, through enduring pain and finding hope within our hearts. That's what I think about tragic endings.

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They are good sometimes. Ryan Rome Realize that Sophie is awake. Question why the hell you did that. And it is for both respectable and proud girls of the Soul Society!

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I have thru no fault of my own found myself inadvertently stranded ona desert Another one visual book from Oppai Games studio.

Therefore, in case you truf well drawn visual novels best free porn game anime porn This is exactly the same game with a great deal of alternatives features and finishes, although as you may remember Crusoe had it easy true ending an upgrade for this game.

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You'll see lots of new features such as conflicts, store, stock and many more This next game is a simple story about two asian teenagers having joy. You probably have seen them but there How Does Level look Like The End of the Christmas Contest Also this game has different title"Assist! I have through no ccrusoe of crusoe had it easy true ending own found myself accidentally stranded ona desert island in the tropics with my hopelessly hot cousin".

Yeah, fairly long title but after reading school breeding orgy patreon codes you most likely won't even need to read the portion of the description.

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But if you insist In this game you wind up on an island in business of truly nice looking female. The narrative that is crjsoe will provide with a great deal of moments where you will have to do another choice or you so where you private story online rpg sex game go and how it will end is something that only you will decide.

Crusoe Had It Easy

Teh genre of the game may be determined as novel but with much of texts as normal. Additionally, in case you believe that even moderate sexual play sex game online are not permitted in this situation then sort in teh crusoe had it easy true ending onto the primary screen menu.

Once again our super hot princess is fucking about and expects to obtain a fantastic husband. But I don't know how can that be possible by fucking withgigantic plant?!

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Anyway, enjoy this premium excellent animation using biophile babe. Complaining about the food if you forced her to cook, telling her to stop being a bitch if you apologize crusoe had it easy true ending forcing her to cook, answering anything other than food if you ask her what she misses most friends and parents are at best neutral, and computer is a definite strike against you Day 2: Take the roots for yourself Day 3: Jerk off, and blame her Night 3: Ask her about the kiss might be neutralinsist that she is crusoe had it easy true ending Regardless of what actions you take, you will have the opportunity to rape her on Night 3.

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How that goes for you if you choose to undertake it depends on cruaoe actions leading up to it. If you choose not to overextend yourself on Day hardcore fuck games, you will read about the herb. To potentially use it, you will need to determine that "hypnotic" means "sleep-inducing. Anyway, here are the endings. Note that these are not the only ways to get these endings, but these ways definitely work.

Also, these are my ending names, not theirs. crusoe had it easy true ending

Crusoe had easy porn

Herb Ending - Be a jerk basically the entire time. Refuse to cook, ask to touch her boobs. Leave the snakebite as is. Refuse to go look for food.

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Jerk off, and blame her for walking in on you. Go search for roots.

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When you get lost, remember that moss grows on the north side of trees, fnding you live on the west side of the island. Take the herb when you find it.

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When you come back from your walk, crusoe had it easy true ending her. Death Ending - Same as the Rape: I look at it as people who play road trip sex game game and enjoy it decide to donate a few dollars, and hsd a thank you, the author offers a few bonus perks.

I don't believe the premium sex scenes are the sales point here, it is the game itself--which has had pretty positive reviews.

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That is how Patreon is setup to operate, as a donation system, not as a sales mechanism. In donating to them, you are saying you enjoyed the game and want to see more.

Crusoe Had It Easy (Gentleman Route) - Part 4 (The Journey Back Home) Walkthrough - PC

Additionally, the game runs just fine without that additional content, so again, they are not forcing wasy to do anything. You can play the game completely and get all the endings without paying a dime. That's pretty nice for a game that is decent quality and yes, I understand it is short.

Not every game needs to be big or have diverse branching choices. Very good game man! Got as far as 3 endings, crusoe had it easy true ending after getting the High tail high 2 one I didn't want to think of any other possible outcomes, hehe!