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The follow-up of our porn games serie "Family Reunion". What will you discover at the house of Mandy's father? Spoiler: some really hot sex scenes are waiting.

Walkthrough for Family Reunion episode 7 / Solution pour Réunion de famille épisode 7

Not too far from this bobblehead is an area that should not be missed. As you head from the kitchen area, you will see family reunion 7 walkthrough door that leads to a hall with a red light. It's a short hall, as it ends with a skeleton and a Nuka Cola Quantum.

7 walkthrough reunion family

Inside the toolbox though, is a key to this bases armory. With the armory key in hand, leave this rwunion hall and continue down the only path available.


It won't take you long to come across a door with a computer terminal outside of it. Since you have the key, you can interact with the terminal and open the door.

reunion 7 walkthrough family

Head inside this room, lockpick the gateand marvel at the fact you just found a Fat Man! Head out of this room, and just a minute later, you'll enter the room where Kellogg is hiding.

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Talk to him first, and you can learn some information about your son. However, no matter what, things will devolve and you have to fight pre xxxgames. He is a crack shot, has grenades, and is very strong.

walkthrough family reunion 7

He also has two Synth allies. For this reason, as soon as you can, turn family reunion 7 walkthrough and run out of the room. You should be able to flee the room adult games online free any actual family reunion 7 walkthrough begins.

From this hallwaypick off the Synths, then slowly reunioon away at Kellogg. Dogmeat is a huge asset here, as the safest time to attack Kellogg is when Dogmeat is stunning him and dragging him on the ground.

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The Sex Tape 1: The Sex Therapist 4: The Sex Therapist 2: How walkghrough all began. The Massage Institute 5: Saturday - the Sexy Devils shooting.

reunion 7 walkthrough family

Walktyrough Sex Therapist 7: The Sex Tape 4: The Massage Institute 2: The customer is always right. Click on "read more" for a solution for the game.

7 walkthrough reunion family

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reunion 7 walkthrough family

Are you happy about your father? We can speak about something else! I've got your outfit for the shooting.

walkthrough family reunion 7

I'm sure it will look good on you! Let me show you!

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A quoi tu joues? Non il n'y aura que toi! Non, tu es MON genre de fille!

walkthrough 7 family reunion

Je le pense vraiment! Et alors en bas? Je crois ce que je vois!

walkthrough family reunion 7

Tu veux pas le savoir! A tout de suite! Rencontrer la maman de Steph!

7 walkthrough reunion family

Mais je dois y aller. Elle peut passer demain? Faut le voir sur toi.

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Pas mal, montre-moi autre chose. OK - Lui prendre le cul - OK, avec mon doigt!

7 walkthrough reunion family

Et tu voulais quoi? Dans un mois tu dis? Ce sera avec plaisir! Je l'ai pas encore vue.