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Sex games - Kay Fox and Magic Sword (Arcade category) - If you played The Legend of Krystal, you must be remember the busty fox girl named Krystal.

Krystal the fox from Starfox is stranded on a planet of dinosaur men.

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They enslave her and ravish her. She searches for a magic sword held by the dinosaur-man king. Free browser flash game from newgrounds.

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Sorry, could not submit your comment. Your download will start in. Beat him, if you can, get the glowing orb and then get the sword in the next room on the right then the game is over.

K Fox (Krystal) and the Magic Sword - All Sex Scenes

Promise you, that's how it is in the end. Just follow what I said and you'll do fine. Fight the wolf people and get into the chamber area where there is a white wolf. Kills sperm dead Skillzs It makes me so horny to watch that busty fox get double teamed by lizards and wolfs and not watch your health deplete.

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Just beat the game without cheats and you will unlock the infinite health mode, then you can replay it and enjoy the sex. Anonime '95 On a side note, "Woo!

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I hope your sequel has lot's of action. I would have liked to have seen it. You winked five times.

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Or hold it down I didn't take a lick of damage. Except the challenge scenes. It would be nice to be able to incorporate the health aspect of KFox into LoK even if for asthetic purposes only.

Dunno why but I get more riled up k fox and the magic sword either, but especially both, participants are getting low on health and are still banging at it.

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Heck, if you could merge that with Demon Girl button mash escape I'd say you're pretty much golden. It also gives the option for a 'punishment' clause if you can't escape fast enough. Vixen and big Wolfy. Amorous dating game PT2. Good Fox, Bad Fox Quicky Fuka's Rendezvous 2 The Hungry Wolf.

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Some Krystal Fox Animations. Krystal sucks and fucks some lizards. Ahri game Huntres of souls.

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Mangle Time Scene Krystal fox fucks her lover starfox. Krystal Fox and Simba lion Furry Yiff. Greed is Strange by MrSafetyLion. Krystal Fox in the Lost Woods.

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Fox x Krystal by 2Smash. Krystal gets pounded by a Brontosaurus.

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Two Lesbians meet a Dwarf and then Shit happens.