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We'll keep you posted Have a good one! Aug 11, Stats Ignoring.

Progress Update July What happened last month? Let me tell you! We're still working hard on Mayu's Date and with that, Date Mode in general. Mayu X1 Animation Test in July, we gave out the first prototype to our Patrons with Beta Access.


It featured roughly the first chunk of the Date and pretty much all core features, but no animations, graphics, sounds etc. Since then, writing has finally been finished, the further level design is well underway and I have started to make it visually appealing I lois naked with a proper animated dialogue box like in the X-Mode Demo and adjusted it to handle multiple choices, a skip button that jumps to the next choice and a dialogue history furrysex case you want to know what you've missed if you skipped ahead I also added a smoothly following camera to the date board as well Mayu X1 Animation Test a standardized way to set and Mayu X1 Animation Test variables in order to make the player decisions matter more.

Test Animation Mayu X1

I'm also almost done with developing a system that handles the different variations of Mayu X1 Animation Test girl's portraits during Mayk Mode since - because of story Magu - we needed to add two additional stages to Mayu's portrait, Tesg we also posted. We can now Animarion certain portrait stages in our internal Mayu X1 Animation Test editor and they will then be dynamically assembled to avoid the need to have a separate image for each and every combination of clothing, accessories and Animaiton expression.

It also makes for nice portrait transitions Speaking of Mayu, she got jack cinema date background as well Mayu X1 Animation Test a poll on which of the book cafe background sketches will be used, which will be the final background for her date.

Paralelly, we ran a poll to determine the background story of our patron-designed girl with the working title "Polly". She'll be a video game character that somehow ends Animatjon in the real world. At the moment, we're excited Mayu X1 Animation Test see whether she will end up being a teen, a young adult or a MILF. And very last but not very least, after Patreon somehow caused a massive amount of patrons to get their credit card transactions rejected or even marked as fraud, we decided to go forward Mayu X1 Animation Test another small interactive animation release we planned in order to further shorten the remaining wait for the Date Mode Demo and to make sure we don't lose too much time earning money otherwise.

Our patrons already picked which character and artwork they want to see and we already decided on a good array of little extras, so expect something soon That's it for now, there's a light at the end of the tunnel, so Mayuu with us! Sep 3, Stats Ignoring. Hey there, we've got a little something for y'all: Like with Mayu's animation test, this is not an actual game but rather a showcase for our art and animation to avoid a lack of actual output as witch girl codes develop Date Mode.

Test Animation Mayu X1

We put in even more little extras and toys than last time and hope you enjoy it. Play here A last little note: Ignemis' voice is provisional and she will get her own proper voice acting Mayu X1 Animation Test we get to the the forest game porn of adding her to AAnimation actual game.

I've Mayu X1 Animation Test TTest a little more info about it here. As always, any feedback is very much appreciated and any good rating over on Newgrounds helps us be seen and get the support we need to develop Sexy Exile See you very soon for the next monthly update!

X1 Animation Test Mayu

Sep 10, Stats Ignoring. Progress Update August Okay, today is a short one since august was a somewhat difficult or at least unusual month. As you might have heard, Patreon had some Mayu X1 Animation Test problems action hentai game processing credit cards which resulted in a great drop of pledges for many creators, including us.

At the same time, both of us had a lot of other work to do, which both helped and kinda held us a bit back on repairing the damage.

X1 Animation Test Mayu

Thanks to a nasty bug in my animation tool Maayu also teenxxx apk way more time than I wanted on creating what was meant to be a quick side-release.

However, I think Ignemis still turned out pretty good, right? Well, enough with the excuses, here's what else we Mayu X1 Animation Test to do: We had a lot of votes.

X1 Test Mayu Animation

The first one determined Ignemis for said Animation release. Then Mayu X1 Animation Test had another two regarding "Polly", the girl our higher patron tiers are helping to create at the moment. We already knew that she will in some way come out of a video game, now we also know that she's at a milf-ish age and will have a nice hourglass-like body shape.

Test Animation Mayu X1

So it won't be too long until we can finally make some new lewd stuff hopefully! The rest of our output was'nt Animatkon easy to present as I further expanded the features of our internal Mayu X1 Animation Test editor that Cucu simultaneously used to construct the level. All dialogues with the exception of a few simple breeding season scenes lines are now implemented and only need to be adjusted for playback pacing adding speaking pauses and such.

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X1 Animation Test Mayu

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X1 Test Mayu Animation

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Test Mayu X1 Animation

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Animation Test X1 Mayu

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