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Click your wardrobe to change clothes, choose My very own lilith. Go outside to the floor and knock on Enter my very own lilith new room. Try to enslave Clara by seducing her. Take the only way back hot babes games return to Claras room. Search it, then take iwn pills in your inventory to get a stat boost. Return to your own dorm room and click your bed to rest up and wait. Leave the house and return to the Device main chamber.

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You have to make a choice now that will have a little effect on some future content. If you choose Jill, return to your dorm room and use the phone pwn call her.

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Leave your room and move upstairs and to Jills room. My very own lilith to enslave her and from now my very own lilith she will be your elite stripper sex games. If you choose Elaine go back to her house. Use the console and type "help" no brackets to see what the 3 options will do. Choose an option of your liking and Elaine will be your elite from now on. If you choose the complete setting she will later be transformed into one of those fuckdolls.

On your way out read the bulletin board. If llilith choose Jill, the you can return to Jy house and talk with her a bit. Go south to the gym again and exhaust all talk options with Tabitha.

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osn The return to the device. Once you are back, my very own lilith your room to the south east. Tell Unit to help update this room. Go back then east to the security room. Tell Clara to give you a status report.

Ask her about Tabitha. Ask her shooting games apk the strange signal. Go to the lake and use the collar on Miki. Go to campus west and enter the callidus library to the northwest. Search the upper floor then talk with My very own lilith.

Move west to the study room, talk to Emily and the use the collar on her.

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Search the room to find a book and read it for sakura porn games stat boost.

Go to the tabico labs now, this time enter the northeast door. to Kathie 3 times the use the collar on her. Look at the nanite setting system buttons. Then read the manual, to know which color does what. Then press the button verry the setting system. You can choose 2 options here, if you choose a 3rd one the drink will game over you. You can choose an combination of colors here but for the sake of this guide you will choose Blue and Green, then press the button create potion.

Take the item and drink it for the stat boost. Then my very own lilith the button again and choose my very own lilith color again, then hit the produce button li,ith and take the potion. Enter my very own lilith 31, the click on the nanite potion in your inventory and give it to Trish.

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Go owwn the dorms. Talk to Betti and ask her what she does for fun. Then use the collar on her. Talk to corinne 3 times to use all 3 talk options. Then my very own lilith to the art district north of western campus and enter the music hall.

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Exhaust Sybills talk options then use the collar on her. Return to the dorms and tell Corinne that Sybil is gone.

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Return to the music hall, use the collar on Corinne and pick up the guitar. Now how to get Betti Return to Betti and tell my very own lilith that you got her something. If you choose Elaine as your elite mmy used the complete usasituke dow, then visit her in your room Bioslut Big Titties - An Anal Arrangement the device to get the autograph.

If you choose the other 2 settings you can ask her for help. Vfry to Betti and tell her, then when Elaine is there use the collar on Betti. Now go all the way to the southern guidance city where the bar, the club and the fortune teller is. Enter the fortune tellers, click Aisha and use the crystal ball for a stat boost.

Exit and enter the Blue Door club, talk to Bree. Exit and enter the alleyway. Fight Tabitha, continue fighting, then use the collar. Now sabotage Brees music equipment. Enter the Club again and talk to Bree again my very own lilith offer her your guitar.

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Now on to the Escort service and take a shift with Dr. Take the massage oil, then approach Lauren. Return to the Escort service and take another shift. You are by now strong enough to survive both ways to enslave Lucinda so choose the option you want with her. Do not forget to take the collar afterwards. Now return to the device. On your way back make a stop at the student shop and buy 1 my very own lilith each drink. You can now assign jobs to witch hunter hentai game slaves.

In general you can do this as you like, try out different things if my very own lilith want.

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However for the sake of this my very own lilith we choose the following setup:. Now whenever you sleep there are my very own lilith chances of events that may have a good or bad effect. Then pay a visit to your research department. Click Nina to designate a research. Choose the neurodesire energy drink, then go sleeping.

This easy research should only take 1 day with the current research team. So go visit them and teake your boost from the research container. Repeat this procedure with the gutpunch energy drink and the sex sweat Meet and Fuck - Magic Book drink. Next research the pink kaboom to earn 2 new slaves.

This should also only take 1 day. With the new item go to the rough landing bar, talk to Lynn and have a drink with her. Noelle will be there tell her that Lynn wants to see her. Return and now spike the drink. Then drink your own. Return to the device.

While you are here you can also talk to Betti my very own lilith get the student contact program. Set both of them to security for now. Sleep, then visit Lynn and tell her to enslave Noelle. Set her famous porn games security too.

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Sleep, then go and pay a visit to the campus store. Buy the iSong player, then go to the dorms upper floor my very own lilith on Go inside and use the my very own lilith on Marilyn, set her to security as well. This should take like 2 best free hentai games 3 days. You can also jump over this item if you want and save up for the sonic fishing aid research.

When it is done then you must go to the research container and activate it.

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This will give you the chance to catch a naughty thief in your base at a nights event. Now we want to save up some money to get another slave. Once you got the money go to the campus and move east lilitn far as you my very own lilith to reach the guidance shopping center. Enter and talk to Francine, buy all the clothes from her.

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Then follow her into the demon designs back room. Pick up the ordering computer and then use the interactive stripper games on the girl. Lilirh in the device set Francine to work. She my very own lilith then open a shop in the device by the next day. Visit her then ask her about creating the store.

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You can buy these owb from her whenever you want and have too much money left. The poster does nothing but in the gym you can train for strength but loose intelligence if you assign Abigail to it after enslaving her.

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If the research is done take the robotic eye implants erotic porn games the research container, then use the install option. At some point, when you sleep, you'll meet Ambassador Rin, who will my very own lilith you a chance to submit to her mistress.

Refuse her offer and my very own lilith trigger a couple of new nightly events. Don't worry, you haven't seen the last of her. If you haven't gotten this already, sleep until you get it now.

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Besides, you can use the money you get from sleeping later on. Go to Elaines place, you will notice Penny in front of her house. Exhaust her talk options.

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It does not matter what you tell her afterwards. Move north to the mansion. You will meet Anya. If you followed this guide, you can only overpower her.

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If virtual strippers are very very smart my very own lilith can also talk to her to move her out of the way. If you overpower her, then take the stun cane afterwards. Then move to the guard house. If you talked her out then move to the guard house directly.

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If Anya is here, fiddle with my very own lilith cord of the alarm box to get rid of her, then take the stun cane. If you overpowered her then she will not be here and you already should have the cane. In any case you will search the room to find the cane charger, use the charge function on it, then return free hentai games mobile the mansion and climb the wine lattice.

Aug 18, Wales, UK.

Lilith devide walkthrough.

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