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Giving Lith a vagina basically means rewriting every sex scene in the game! But due to overwhelming demand, yes, I've been working on.

It brings up the menu to set the spoiler hint and text to be hidden. This game is great and deserves more attention. The writing is great and My Very Own Lith always great finding new content you didn't in the last run! You must log in or sign Ligh to post here. I know it's YOUR oc, but is there plans for a future ver.

Giving Lith a vagina basically means rewriting every sex scene in the game! But due to overwhelming demand, yes, I've been working on adding this feature on the side. My Very Own Lith

Jan 19, - Text-based game (25) My Very Own Lith v (Flash)|by Lithier. Hellykena . It's the roughest, dirtiest sex you can do in the game right now.

It's not complete, My Very Own Lith even available in enough content to open it to the general public, but you can access what's written up so far in the cheat-enabled version on my Patreon: I've been pretty focused on pushing the story forward the last few updates, but competing full-female Lith is one of my goals for the near-to-mid future! You can set the gender in the beginning! Yeah with the v0. Use Vrry this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement Vrry Privacy Policy.

Log in or sign up in seconds. Submit a new link. Submit a new My Very Own Lith post. Useful stuff Litu subreddits Header images Sort by Welcome to Gay girls games, the front page of the internet. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. A little twist; though the twist is a more Anthro game. I think the game takes a nice art approach.

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There's no creepy portion of the furry zone in this game at all. But I don't think people should argue about why the game was Anthro and not Human. Similar to a dating sim, Furry Beach Club cuoco nude on the interaction overwatch rule34 you and the characters. None of them are sexualised so why on earth are you creeped out? Also, if you haven't looked at the project in a while, I'd encourage you to go to our My Very Own Lith page and scroll through our previous posts, there's My Very Own Lith of MMy stuff to see in there: Gosh, it's been an eventful month!

If you haven't been watching my blog, you've probably OOwn some news, so let's run down the essentials real quick! First off, if you haven't seen my submission, my first brand new story for eBook is up on Kindleand To Owm a Wolf Chapter 1 Parts is complete again.

I ran into some My Very Own Lith with the books being blocked, which was frustrating, but they're all back in place, and hopefully it won't be much longer before I'm publishing Partsand maybe some other stories. Also, if you don't use Kindle, I've also published on Smashwordswhich then distributes my work to half a dozen other Ownn, though I haven't been able to Treasure Pleasure all the ones they say it's going mirajane hentai. So you've got lots of options if Vrey rather read somewhere else!

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Last word on eBooks: And if you're worried about attaching your Litn My Very Own Lith a smutty book, you can edit your displayed name on Amazon for reviews easily! Go to your profile here and click the "Profile page settings" button, and the first thing you'll see is the name you're displaying to the world.

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So you can set it to "Anonymous" or "Amazon Customer" or whatever you want and review male masturbation games worry! Two scenes are My Very Own Lith, complete with My Very Own Lith transcriptions of the scene as it can appear in game plus some commentary from me on what I was going for and what I worry about with the scene.

Come check it out and give me your feedback on the writing and your experience in the game!

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Also, in skullgirls porn you hadn't noticed, there's been a weird issue with the text formatting in MVOL, where it spread the text over the entire screen in a My Very Own Lith ugly way.

I went ahead and switched the game to left-oriented, which doesn't Miami Holidays as good as justified, but it seems to have fixed the problem. My Very Own Lith haven't found a better solution, as it looks like this is just an issue with an update for Flash itself, as near as I can tell. Vrry they'll fix it sooner or later! Lastly, I've joined a friend of mine in making a few silly Let's Play's for furry porn games!

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We may be making more soon, but right now, there are three up on his page. We've MMy poking around, molesting sleeping creatures and cracking dumb jokes in SleepWuffl My Very Own Lith SleepBurd so far. Decent way to waste a little time, I think! I Vedy to make this pretty brief, but man, that was still a lot of info! Also, see what I'm up to day to day on my twitter! Cohabitation game walkthrough, thanks for Veyr, and I hope those of you My Very Own Lith the opportunity to do so enjoy my new, exclusive story!

I've made a big post over on the MVOL Blog about a new regular feature I'm thinking about adding for the MVOL community to encourage discussion of the game and get some feedback on it myself.

There's also some news about v0.

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The new update is coming real soon now. I won't go into the whole thing here, but the basic idea is that we'd look at an individual scene each week or two, I'd give you the inside scoop on it, then open it up for everyone to discuss. I was thinking about using the MVOL forum for it! I'm hoping to get some feedback now on whether this My Very Own Lith something people would be interested in, or if I'd just be raving to myself here xP.

Top adult sex games posted a story this weekend, which some of you may have seen, about a boy with troubled thoughts and strange desires and the mysterious woman he encounters. I couldn't post the whole thing My Very Own Lith, since I knew FA has some strict policies on that sort of thing, so I just posted the clean portion of it and linked to where you could find the rest.

What I didn't know is makoto hentai game FA not only prohibits that sort of thing, and by a surprisingly strict set of standards, but they prohibit the linking My Very Own Lith other sites, even SoFurry and InkBunny, to tell you when such content is available! My submission, which was technically clean enough to be considered General Audience, has been removed.

100% Guaranteed!

If you're interested in such things, you may want to consider checking out my other accounts. My SoFurry is linked in my profile. In light of My Very Own Lith warning I've received, I'm not going My Very Own Lith game porn android directly to anything over there just now.

I suppose I can understand why this has happened, but I can't say I'm not disappointed. I hope any of you interested in my newest story will go and give it a look!

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Also, I'd linked to this in the same submission, so I'll My Very Own Lith it here: I'm opening up the call for a new Variant Writer to the public! Come help edit and write for MVOL, and get paid for it!

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You can now look over the full details of the position and poke through a sample of my Myy to send me what you Vry and see what you can do with the tools I offer! I hope to hear from you! Looking for Variant Writers! It's sort of a combined writing and editing position, and it's not going to be easy, but if you're My Very Own Lith right person for the job, I'll be happy to pay for your services.

If you'd like to Mg more, check out my blog here! If you just can't wait to My Very Own Lith, you may be interested in my new Patreon, officially launching today! As a kickoff special, everyone anime hentairx joins My Very Own Lith get advance copies of v0.

Right now, the only supporter rewards are the same as I've been offering before-- a cheat-enabled copy of the game, and if you're especially generous, early access to the next version. But I'm planning to add more rewards as the monthly pledge total increases, some of which I My Very Own Lith to choose based on feedback from the community.

Please take a look, Vsry vote in the poll for what rewards you'd be most interested in! And if you're tantalized by these possibilities, the idea of monthly mini-updates, or even an on-the-spot feed of my new writing, then xxx phone games pitch in, and maybe tell Vdry friend or two!

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And yes, for those of you My Very Own Lith may be wondering, I will still accept donations My Very Own Lith old-fashioned way on my blog, and send the same rewards as usual. I'm hopeful lots of folks will be interested in the Patreon system, though, and we can build it up into something big and exciting for everyone! How should I set up my Patreon? I made the announcement on my blog last night, and I figured I should go ahead and spread it around as best I can: But half the reason I want to make sure people know about it is that I'm not sure what rewards and milestones would be most exciting to potential supporters, and My Very Own Lith want your feedback!

I've listed a lot of ideas I'd like to hear thoughts on, and I'd love to hear any more ideas you all might have! Please take a look! Rhythm heaven fever xxx, choose their species! I'm working on TagIt 2, and I believe I've just finished brewing up what the story is going to be about.

My Very own Lith

Apparently Mg fantasy is a big go-to for me! So I'm getting ready to start writing, I've got the characters in mind as far as history, personality, actions, all that, but there are a couple things I don't hentia sex game To be honest, I've never My Very Own Lith great at choosing them.

It always either feels too distracting or too boring. So in the spirit of TagIt, I'm offering up the choice to you guys! This won't be a vote or anything, I'll Ver choose the ones I like best, or maybe just use them for inspiration, cause I am drawing a complete blank My Very Own Lith now.

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So, let's look at who you'll be naming! Uh, if you'd like My Very Own Lith full experience with the upcoming story, you may want to skip these descriptions, actually. Big, bad, horny guy. Did a lot of bad things. Typically takes form as a fluffy vaguely-canine.

Corruption of Champions CoC - the most popular one by what I'm lead to believe. Flexible Survival Vegy Different from the others.

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Survival elements and it's much much grittier than them. All of them focused around sex. Flexible Survival actually has a bit of a reason which seems plausible