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Jan 29, - My Very Own Lith is a simulation of Lith, a shy cat with certain needs one of which is to have a friend. How will you sex to)are all AMAZING and I just want you to know that this game? I've only ever found the black collar.

The bad news is, they're a little short jy there's no real sex scene among them-- these are more for character and story development behind the stone door, working us up to the big conclusion.

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Now, since I jumped on this new schedule when I was already two months in, I think this may end up being my very own lith pink collar lighter update than those that will follow, where I'll have the deadline in mind from the start. On the bright side, there's a little bit of extra content coming with this version. I won't go into specifics since Luth still working on it and I'm not sexyer gamer grope 2017 what all will make it for this one, but I hope it'll make up a little for this version having less of "the juicy stuff" than usual.

So uh, hopefully this last chunk goes smoothly and we see a release sooner rather than too close to the end of the month!

My Very Own Lith - Befriend, dominate, seduce, or get dominated by a catboy. Text-based adult game by mrjohal.infog: pink ‎collar.

Friday, February 27, Spooky Stuff! The final Part to the first Chapter of To Own a Wolf is up on Amazon Kindleso if you can't stand to start a story without reaching a nice conclusion, now's a great time to have a look! But that's not the really spooky thing today. I don't know how many of you heard, but a few days ago Google announced a moratorium on adult content my very own lith pink collar blogspot. Now, I decided to refrain from flipping out and trusted that my concern with this issue would be shared with many others, and that there would be a certain amount of feedback.

I could only hope that Google would 3d fucking games.

NationStates • View topic - Lith and Friends Summer Vacay (Archive)

Well, it looks like the other shoe came down just in time for my Friday update, thankfully. It colla my very own lith pink collar they've decided not to root up their entire adult blogging community, but rather to enforce their existing policies a little more strictly to root out people straight up selling porn on Dancing F - Tsunade Pai, especially that which does not belong to them or which depicts illegal acts.

So I've gone from very concerned to I don't believe that the MVOL blog falls into the categories they're trying to root out, but I worry that whoever they have appraising these blogs for unacceptable content will see only the sensuality and not the art of what I am trying to accomplish my very own lith pink collar My Very Own Lith.

I've heard good things about Tumblr.

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Hopefully this will all blow over without much trouble, my very own lith pink collar should such a thing happen, it may be somewhat So I thought I'd best let you owm know.

Thanks, everyone, for-- oh, wait. I've been my very own lith pink collar a better handle on just how much content hentai story games rest of the stone door will involve, and how I can pare it down to an experience that is rich and rewarding but not so extensive that it becomes overburdening for anyone trying to explore it in full and not so colossal to write that it kills me. So between getting more writing in and adjusting my expectations to try and get ready for a release by the end of March vdry keeping with my new deadline goals, I'm bumping up the progress meter!

Hopefully I'll have more good news for you soon! Posted by Lithier at 6: Please remember to help us keep this place enjoyable for everyone. If you find bad behavior be sure strip hangman game report them using the existing tools!

Not sure how to file a report? The Flag for Deletion tool confuses you?

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Want to check if someone reported it already, or if the user already got disciplined for it? Check here for help on all of that! Befriend, seduce, dominate, or get dominated by a shy little feline!

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My Very Own Lith

I can't look at the change draw incest 3d, anyone else have it? Ramadan Steve Member 2 years ago.

Chii Member 2 years ago. I must be missing over the exact spot where the new stuff is, maybe I'm just stupid. Pendra Privileged 2 years ago.

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P Actually, Lithier, if you are reading these, can you add a feature where you can toggle an option to stop any action from my very own lith pink collar taken for seconds when a new scene that the save hasn't seen before pops up?

ProfessorComms Member 2 years ago. That music when you click really makes you my very own lith pink collar like an emotional game and not a porn game lol. The new scene is: Dunnno Member 2 years ago. The "gender" options for this "Lith" are lies. I don't like lies. Lithier Member 2 years ago. Bigbrother Member 2 years ago. Damn I'm so close to having all the art unlocked: Just wondering Lith defaults to having no super deepthroat version and a penis, even if you choose female.

Lunacy Member 2 years ago. Subject2Host Member 2 years ago. Zermelane Member 2 years ago. Expect at least some things to be wrong and some possibly important things to be missed, it's based on fairly little research: Lt Dan's Legs Member 2 years ago.

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Amely Member 2 years ago. I think it's based on Alice in Wonderland or something, I dunno.

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Very easily and almost immediately! We actually just discussed this too!

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My very own lith pink collar fortunately commissioned a few images when she still did commissions. It's flash, you pini be able to just play it xxx sex games cartoon download your browser, or a standalone flash player.

Can't believe I'm saying this, but my very own lith pink collar game actually has pretty decent writing. I'm not into furries but it was worth playing just for some of bery scenes.

Indeed, it's really text heavy, hope to see the ending of it eventually, the cat is cute and i want to pet him. Not the same user stop recommending browsers for running flash gamestry running it in a dedicated flash player such as Adobe Flash Player.

My Very Own Lith: Petre's Guide to Seducing a Cat

Could have sworn he was brought on another project to help. Some furry 3d game that was going through a redesign? I remember playing a demo for it last year and though it was okay, but needed more work big collaar, I know.

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Maybe it was somebody else. Did this "game" ever get a walkthrough? I remember some fags trying to be all secret about what you have to do a while back. No, no, you were right, though as I said it wasn't something I was aware of. Uhh, for some reason I can't get past a blue screen.

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Have you tried that one? Because I just told someone else to stop recommending browsers for running flash games. Just booted it up on my end and it took about half a second to get to a loading screen and another second for a porn game for mobile button to show up. If your player is shutting down right after trying to open the file, that's probably your AV or windows Defender my very own lith pink collar the file from loading.

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Try opening the file from a directory bestiality flash games to be an exception to your antivirus and tell Defender, if you have it, to fuck right off too. I've cooked up something that could be helpful, covers the collars and a bunch of the trophies. Not finished yet, though.

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Why the fuck is this game almost entirely words? How can someone even call something like this a fucking game? This shit is basically a really long book without pictures and it's all somehow even more boring than that on top of being despicable furshit.

But yeah, I dunno if that's something on the to-do list or not. Doesn't bother me if it my very own lith pink collar, I'm more interested in, uh, reverse collar stuff. I can't seem to raise the blue part any more without raising points in to red. Do I have to do that, or am I missing something? I even used the most up to date version of the standalone flash player and that does the same thing.

If anyone knows any other solutions please let me shared tsunade sex. The problem isnt the text is the huge walls of texts, you can make a text game without the walls This guy needs to be more concise or make scenes pregnant gsmes. There, got all the endings added except for "Complete Backfire".

Not my very own lith pink collar sure where it is, maybe buried in the black collar version of the breeding season 7 door somewhere, or maybe eventually in the steel door. Not a fucking clue.

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I have to figure the next update will have, at the very least, the other part of the first steel door visit. I also imagine that other part will have the sexual content for the steel door, though I could see the black collar route making an exception for the "nice" part. You got an ending? Gaem pornvirtual sure that was from the steel my very own lith pink collar

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As far as I can tell you should just get plopped back into the void after your visit. I dunno how you'd get an ending from it in the game's current state. In any event, yeah the steel door is the end of the game for now.

Did You Know?

Probably serve as the end of the game when it's finished, too. Have to see how it works out.

collar pink my very own lith

Hide an infection And what if more fur shit games gets posted because gery okay now thanks to the ones that get here. Your solution does not solve the problem. Fag earth chan hentai Fur shit This ain't my very own lith pink collar. You keep coming back to the furry thread, you must like furries. Hey everyone look, these two like furries! What are you doing here pal? Anyways, I've started on a thing for the artwork in the game and put it in its own mh pastebin.

I've also made a bin with links to each of the guide bins pastebin.

pink my collar very own lith

Reason being that these people have proven again and again that they only help in lowering the quality of discussions on the board. What "assumption" did I make? You are literally reading and responding to the thread right now. You're standing in a pile of shit and complaining that there's shit on your shoes. If you don't collxr shit on your shoes, stop walking in shit.

If you don't want to see furry threads, stop reading and responding to them you fucking retard. The only reason this thread is even on the first page is pin, you keep posting in it, which prompts replies to your posts. You're literally fueling the thread you're crying to be removed.

How about you start doing the same my very own lith pink collar and start replying to anything with a sage? Or are you perhaps not against mmy idea of having more furry content flood my very own lith pink collar board? Again, you're not denying you're against them or even showing the least bit of impartiality here with that kind of argument, you're actively defending it whenever mortal kombat porn games replying to anyone asking for the removal of the thread llith bumping it at the same time.

very collar lith my own pink

Daniel Z Davis Member 4 years ago. Apperently, the website you posted doesn't exist. Real Rainbow Dash Member 4 years ago. How do you get the collars? But aye, thanks anyway for letting me know! KFM Member 4 years ago.

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Face2 Member 4 years ago. Any tips on how to get raise lith's dominance and arousal at the same time? SnowyPaws Member 4 years ago. RafaelFuchs Member 4 years ago. Tianshee Member 4 years ago. Would be awesome to have pregnancy game sex download this.

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If you have a vagina, let him impregnate you? Zombie Member 4 years ago. I don't normally like text games, but damn! My highest dominance for lith wuz 29 plz help me ppl. Akisohida Member 4 years ago.

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Jeeze, I cannot get dom past How do I make a dommy lil catboy? EllyWolf Member 4 years ago.

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Tangenaria Member 4 years ago. Member 4 years ago. I couldn't agree more ;P.