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Pokkaloh video game recording/playback. Pokkaloh Sex Game Video Playback. This is a video playback/recording of Pokkaloh. To play the actual game.

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Missing ours too; http: Find all posts by HentaiWriter. Metroidvania in the works: Find all posts by datanony.

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He's planning on making a pretty awesome game. His models and pokkaloh tumblr is really high quality and it's 3d!

tumblr pokkaloh

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The time now is Page 1 of Build tumblg huts for hot sexy babes and pokkaloh tumblr them get really happy. Game - Pokkaloh 0. To do that you must collect resources, build different.

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The final version of pokkaloh is available!!! Pokkaloh tumblr you want to play it, check my patreon: Real Estate Agent - This highly detailed 3d sex game allows you to live the life of a successful but lonely real estate manager, pokkaloh tumblr chasing girls and building.

tumblr pokkaloh

Sep 20, Pokkaloh final version is out for patrons: Legend of Krystal Forums. The pokkaloh tumblr forums for the Legend of Krystal project.

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Not saying you should make it Harvest Moon slow or anything, but 2 days is a bit quick. Might be worth considering setting up tiers based on their affection level, low levels giving less numbers of items or even not all of the itemsand the ardent level giving them a pokkaloh tumblr chance for rare pokkaloh tumblr like the fishing girl having a shot at giving a pokkaloh tumblr or bass An option for having the trader put her clothing back on.

Minor thing, but it seems pokkaloh tumblr to me that there's no cartoon porn game to. Hagya Demon Girl Feb 17, About things you dislike: Pokkaloh tumblr will give you seeds pokkaloh tumblr don't have in priority in the next version stringray: They will be more useful once I add the resort cancel button: I'll see what I can do but I think pokkaloh tumblr people play with the mouse sprites: The squid's hitbox is only its mouth The mermaid should show up every time you cancel fishing at mermaid reef About Svetlana, it's a bug that will be fixed in next version Suggestion: I know that right now the girls are easy to get but I'll add harder girls The girls already give you more stuff depending on their relation but the difference is probably too small to see it.

Artist: Dark Arts Kai | Western Hentai Pictures | Luscious

I'll add an option to put clothes back on the trader I really like the way you review everything, if you want you can become a betatester. Ryuukun Tentacle Monster Feb 17, May 21, It would be nice to be able to choose pokkaloh tumblr you pokkaloh tumblr to hentai teen anal inside or outside.

Some difficulty, and game humblr could be added if you make the dates fail-able. That's about what comes to my mind right now.

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Your game has loads of potential, and I'm always full of ideas. Should you run out of them, pokkaloh tumblr free to contact me via pm.

tumblr pokkaloh

Nicko Lurker Feb 17, Dec 16, Honestly, I really enjoyed the demo. Hagya Demon Girl Feb 18, It takes some time for my animator and artist to do the scenes and I tunblr they will work with me until the end so pokkaloh tumblr the style and quality stay consistent.

Once the girl come at night at your house, you've won the girl and you can't pokkaloh tumblr.

tumblr pokkaloh

Wish there was a way to see Sierra's island though. That would be pretty cool.

tumblr pokkaloh

Also I hate to sound finicky or anything but could you maybe make Pokkaloh tumblr more attractive? She seems a little butch I don't know if anyone feels the same way as I do though. Just a thought and keep up the pokkaloh tumblr work!

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The fairies are a big help and the island doesn't seem nearly as big with someone collecting all ayako sex addiction food and materials for me. I still haven't found that damn bracelet though. The updated art looks fantastic, but there should probably be pokkaloh tumblr way pokkaloh tumblr either jump to the next scene quicker or a pokkaloh tumblr button so that someone doesn't have to go through the whole thing if they accidentally activate it.

tumblr pokkaloh

Looks like a fun game. I have updated the OP with the new release.