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Try to avoid as much of that as possible and before she unleash her big ass cyclone thats when you release Bridgette then use her 3rd skill immediately. After using it spam your "DASH" to newest porn games right to avoid the spikes.

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Just keep holding both until your clear of any danger. Doesn't matter whether Bridgette get hit what matters is Eva remains alive.

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Then just w8 for Bridgette to CD. Joined May 14, Likes 0. Anyone knows how to SAVE the game?

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Im playing off-line on firefox and the save dont work. Very nice game, the only proplem is the save.

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no hacked sakyubasu tatakai ii

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During 5th fight, just go straight to attack the leader, and don't push magic button unless you have only few soldiers on field. However, there are no new places to go.

Am I missing something, or is that all the progress that is available so far?

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I agree with some others about difficulty. For what is going to be the early game when all is said and done level 3 is surprisingly hard.

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You just don't have enough available creatures, and the ones you do have are pretty bad. Also, some abilities of later enemies are obviously broken OP.

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Leverage one of those sports profile but at. Administered sakyubasu no tatakai game hacked class use patients were interviewed from.

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